Filter Causes 2nd Series values to go to 0


I have a bar graph with two series. Both have the same formula except that the Material Type = "Concrete" in one and "Wood Frame" in the other series.

The X-axis of the graph is years but they are just formatted as numbers.

Without filters, the graph has a lot of 0 values

To try and fix this, I've adjusted the Range to start at 1

But when I add this filter, it causes the other series to go to 0, when it previously had values (you can see there is both a light blue and darker blue graph in the first picture without a filter).



Any ideas of how to have both series display while filtering out the 0 values?


Thank you!

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    Shima Beigzadeh Official comment

    Hi Jessica, 

    Thanks for posting in our community! 

    Instead of filtering the range, Have you tried the option of Leave gaps for blank values in properties tab of each series? 

    This option will remove the zeros from your series. You would need to click on this option for both series. 

    Hope that helps! 


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