Datasource problem refreshing from url server with Let's Encrypt certificate


I have a datasource with an error refresh status. When I try to reconfigure it I click on Get Data and it fails warning about the url server certificate trust. If I try the same url from a web browser it works, so I know that my server is ok, so for some reason Klipfolio is unable to trust this certificate. My guess is that since my server has a Let's Encrypt certificate I can't connect from my data source because LE changed an intemediary certificate on September. I already had this issue on others environments that I have, so because of that I'm guessing it.

To solve this it's necessary to download from this page, this R3 certificate and add it to klipfolio CA pool.

That said my question is, there is any chance to check that klipfolio is currently available to trust urls with certificate servers signed by Let's Encrypt?


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    Meggan King


    Thanks for these details. Generally, when testing any URL, you should use an online SSL checker. In order to understand what might be happening with your specific data service, you'll need to contact Klipfolio support team directly. support @ klipfolio . com and provide the data source URL. 

    Thank you


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