Dividing data for gauge chart based on date picker

hello i want to ask about the current value in my gauge chart

I want to make a function on the current value gauge chart in the form of

but the function does not return a number/Nan

This gauge chart also dynamically adjusts to the selected date picker.

Can anyone provide a solution to this problem?

thank you
This is &label3 function
This is &label4 function
I added hidden data in &label 3 and & label 4. Date data that is connected to the date picker
And this is the show of gauge chart.


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    Parker Selman Official comment

    Hi Farah, 

    Thanks for the post! 

    I'll need a bit more information on this to help you here. What is the output of the formulas for Label 3 and Label 4? You can evaluate your formula with alt+a while highlighting the formula. You'll typically see blank / NaN values in division formulas when blanks or zeroes are placed in your data in a way such that division is not possible, so seeing what the evaluation of those formulas are will be helpful to troubleshoot further. 

    In terms of the date filtering - do you have a date picker set up on this Klip? I'll also need to know details of that filter to best troubleshoot this. 

    For reference - here's a useful article on Filtering a Klip using a start and end date 

    Please let me know any additional information you can on this. I'd also recommend reaching out to support@klipfolio.com directly to create a support ticket with our team. This will allow us to go into more depth and assist with your Klips directly. 



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    Farah Pangesti

    Hello Mr. Parker 

    I just checked the evaluation of the results according to what you suggested.

    The evaluation result is indeed worth 0, but when I save the klip I've edited, the result is not 0 (has a value) according to the date picker I chose.

    Here I attach the function, evaluate the results when edited.

    And the following is the result of the clip after I save it. (&label3 is the value of actual call) 

    I also use a date picker in the form of a start date and end date that is connected to the gauge chart that I made.

    start date:

    end date :

    please, help me to evaluate this function. Any wrongs? thank you

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