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Is there a pre-built Klip for Shopify Inventory to Klipfolio? 

Thanks for the help. 

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    Shima Beigzadeh Official comment

    Hi Ave,

    Thanks for posting in our community post! 

    I don't see a pre-built Klip that is specifically targeted towards inventory for the Shopify.

    So you would need to check the Shopify API itself to see if there is a query endpoint you can use to bring in the data.
    It looks like there are some Inventory endpoints you can try here
    Something like this query: https://<yourShopifyName>.myshopify.com/admin/locations/<locationID>/inventory_levels.json

    You also have the option to export a .csv file as described here and send this into Klipfolio using our email attachment connector

    Hope this helps!

    Feel free to send us an email at support@klipfolio.com to create a ticket with our support team so we can take a closer look into your use case.

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