I am evaluating Klipfolio right now and am wondering whether it is possible to combine data sources?

For example, there is the possibility to pull in all Campaigns for this month.
And there is a possibility to pull in data (like opens, clicks etc) for a particular campaign.
Would it be possibile to then generate a list of all Campaigns for this month with all that data?

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    Parker Selman Official comment

    Hi Marjan, 

    Thanks for the post! 

    This sounds like something that you can use dynamic data sources to accomplish (Klips only). Dynamic data sources are data sources that allow for a parameter to be set via a variable, allowing you to pass multiple items (like individual campaign IDs) to a data source (to return data for all campaigns). 

    I encourage you to check out the article I've linked above, as it discusses using dynamic data sources in more detail, but in general, you'll want to create two data sources to accomplish this. One would be a static (non-dynamic) data source that lists all your campaigns for this month. Then, you'd have another (dynamic) data source to call for the data for a particular campaign, where the campaign ID is set up with a variable in the format {props.variable}. This will allow you to pass multiple campaign IDs to this data source to retrieve multiple calls of data at once. 

    Then, in your Klips, you can use the MAPFLAT function to set your static list of all campaign IDs to the variable specified, and then query your dynamic data source for data based on those campaigns. 

    I hope this helps! If you have any questions I'd encourage reaching out to our support team directly at support@klipfolio.com



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