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I'm having trouble converting a specific format to display differently. I've followed the support instructions and videos but I'm not having any luck.

I have a range of dates in my data source that display in the format of  April" "22. I would like to convert these to display in the format  Apr 22 (MMMyy). The difficulty I'm having is identifying how the input format should be written out so I can then convert the display.

I've identified Format as: Date/Time and Input Format: Custom. It's the next field where I'm failing.

Unfortunately, I can't change the data format in the data source.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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    Kalyani Khandelwal Official comment

    Hi Corey! 

    Are you looking at the model?

    You could wrap a SUBSTITUTE function around your data in the formula bar in the model to remove the " form the dates. 

    e.g.  SUBSTITUTE( <dates reference here>,"\"","")

    To escape double quotes I used '\' here. 

    Replace <dates reference here> with your date reference. 



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    Corey Benefiel

    Thank you, Kalyani. That worked perfectly.

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