Shopify API Version Changes: November 4, 2022 ** Updated Comment: March 15, 2023

Hey everyone!

Just a heads up that Klipfolio is updating the Shopify API to version 2022-07 during the week of Nov 4, 2022. 

Our records indicate that there are some data sources and Klips using a field which will be deprecated and no longer available in this version of the Shopify API. 

From Shopify: https://shopify.dev/changelog/property-deprecations-in-the-admin-api-order-and-lineitem-resource 

The following object property on the REST Admin API's Order resource is deprecated:


Klipfolio will migrate data sources and Klip schemas who are using the deprecated option

total_price_usd will be replaced with total_price

For example, the data source query:


Will be changed to 


If you have any questions, please ask them here, or contact Support.

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    Meggan King

    Update: March 15, 2023

    There will be an upcoming migration on Thursday, March 16, 2023

    Deprecated properties from orders object.



    If you have a data source requesting total_price_usd, we will automatically update the query to request total_price for you. Any Klips pointing to total_price_usd will also be updated to point to total_price. Please check that everything is working as expected after the migration. 

    If the sum of your total_price looks incorrect, you may need to adjust your calculation to now handle USD. 

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