Is there any feature that allows me to send alerts or notifications Rajendra Mangaonkar 54 comments 27 votes None
Use variables in series label Jake Mutschler 28 comments 23 votes None
Allow tables to display more than 200 rows Sam Gotham 49 comments 22 votes None
Reusable Custom Functions - No more copying! Not Defined 12 comments 21 votes None
add checkboxes, radio buttons and multiple select lists to the user controls Peter Backer 11 comments 16 votes None
Feature Request: Be able to enlarge text on the axis of a graph Will Concannon 22 comments 15 votes Completed
Pivot functionality for datasources with dynamic series Dominic Yerex 33 comments 15 votes Answered
multi select drop down values Ashrith Marpaka 16 comments 14 votes None
Create a copy of an existing dashboard, just like creating a copy of a klip. Not Defined 23 comments 14 votes None
Hide Klips based on conditions or formula Trey James 12 comments 14 votes None
Create a copy of an existing dashboard IT SWELL 9 comments 12 votes None
View all Klips using a particular Datasource. Kirby Banman 1 comment 11 votes None
Please Add "Change Data Source" Student Help Department 22 comments 11 votes None
Copying indicators deConstantin - Corporate Advisory Admin 15 comments 10 votes None
Dynamic default values on user input controls Joseph Prats 7 comments 9 votes None
CSV & Google Sheets output for Scheduled Emails Dominic Yerex 13 comments 9 votes None
date picker control logic Edward Rogers 10 comments 9 votes None
What new data services would you like to add to your dashboards? Stephen Yates 67 comments 9 votes None
Matrix or Cross-Tab or Pivot Tables (all the same thing) Nghi Luu 16 comments 9 votes None
Add "Today" link to date picker user input control Matt Hale 17 comments 9 votes None
Better Security - 2FA Two-facotr Authentication for Klipfolio Ben Hoskins 11 comments 8 votes None
Add support for Amazon Athena JDBC Driver Tobias Zundel 9 comments 8 votes None
Trend lines - Take away the math function and build input it with click Steve Baumgartner 12 comments 8 votes None
Reference values to other klip EDUARDO AUBONE AUBONE 15 comments 8 votes None
Database connection should be shared among data sources Alex Perelman 3 comments 7 votes None
GDPR and klipfolio status Admin SAT-7 6 comments 7 votes None
Adding default value as variable for Scheduled email snapshot Ronald Van Dijk 3 comments 7 votes None
Connecting to Amazon MWS Adam Doogan-Smith 12 comments 7 votes None
Klip Design Elements - Custom Colors and Fonts Ryan Smith 0 comments 7 votes None
Conditionally Send Scheduled Email Data Ops 6 comments 7 votes None