Use Fusebill as a data source


Data Source Type REST/URL
Authentication: Basic HTTP Authentication


Sample Query

For all Fusebill customers:
API Documentation Fusebill API documentation


Creating a data source using Fusebill

To create a data source using Fusebill, you need to accomplish three tasks:

  • Start the data source creation process.
  • Write a query and enter it in Klipfolio.
  • Authenticate with Fusebill.

Step 1. Start the data source creation process

To create a data source using Fusebill, go to the Service Connector page in Klipfolio and select Fusebill.

Step 2: Write a query and enter it in Klipfolio 

Refer to the Fusebill API documentation to learn more about writing a query.  Here are a few sample queries to help you get started:

For all Fusebill customers:

For plan frequency:

For active customers:

Once you have entered a query in Klipfolio,

  1. At Data Format, select JSON from the drop-down list.
  2. At Method, select GET.

Step 3: Authenticate with Fusebill

You are provided with an API Key when you sign up with Fusebill. If you do not have an API Key, contact Fusebill and they will be happy to provide you with a key.

To enter your Fusebill API key in Klipfolio,

  1. Select Query Parameters.
  2. At Name, type Authorization.
  3. At Value, enter the API Key in the following format: Basic <your-API-Key>
  4. Under Type, select Header from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Get data.

Note: In addition to your unmodelled data source, you can create a modelled version of your data source at this stage. To create a modelled data source, ensure that the checkbox next to Model this data source is selected before clicking Continue.

To learn more about creating a modelled data source, click here.

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