Why did my OAuth token expire?

OAuth tokens enable you to approve applications (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) to act on your behalf without sharing your user credentials every time a query is made.

If you have trouble accessing a data source, it may be because your OAuth token has expired. Reasons for token expiration for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may include:

  • Tokens for some services expire after a set time period and need to be re-authorized. Go here to learn how to re-authorize an expired OAuth token.
  • The account password was changed.
  • You were removed as a user from Business Manager.
  • You were removed as a user from the social network.
  • Posts on your social site were reported or flagged.
  • Community guidelines were violated.
  • You exceeded API limitations.
  • You chose to prevent an application from accessing your account.

LinkedIn social connections expire every 60 days. We recommend you set a reminder for yourself to re-authorize your account every 60 days to prevent data disruptions.

Re-authorizing an expired OAuth token

Note that you will require valid credentials to re-authorize a token.

To re-authorize an expired OAuth token:

  1. Log into your Klipfolio account.
  2. Click your Account Name (located at the bottom of the left navigation sidebar) and then click  Account or Settings.
  3. Select the Connected Accounts tab.
  4. Click the Name of the token that requires re-authorization.
  5. Click Re-Authorize.

Note that some APIs may require you to log into your account.

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