What is the maximum file size for a data source?

The maximum file size for any type of data source is 10 MB. This is a global setting.

Note: If you use Klips, you can increase your maximum data source size to 15 MB by upgrading your plan to include the Larger Data Sources Power-Up. To learn more, click your Name > Account > Plan to see all of our upgrade options.

A data source is not restricted by the number of rows.

If you have a file larger than this, look at reducing its file size, or breaking the data up into more than one file. Here are some suggested options.

  • Save the file as a .csv file type. This makes the overall file size smaller.
  • Change the query to retrieve data for a specific date range.
  • Change the query to retrieve specific columns of data and not all (*) data.
  • Aggregate the data before you run the query.
  • Split the content of the file into two or more data sources keeping one column in common.

In addition, for an Excel file type, remove all external references, such as VLookup, as well as any hidden rows and columns.

To work with multiple data sources, see Klips: Managing your data source size.

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