Sharing Klips and Klip dashboards using Slack

You can share and discuss your Klips and Klip dashboards in Slack by using our Slack integration.

This article describes how to use Klipfolio’s Slack integration, including the following:

Enabling our Slack integration

To enable Klipfolio’s Slack integration, you must adjust your settings in Klipfolio and confirm your authorization in Slack.

Note: The following procedure assumes you are not authorized yet for the Slack integration.

To enable our Slack integration:

  1. In Klipfolio, click on your Account name and select Account, then navigate to Settings > Security.
  2. At Download, click Edit.
  3. At Klip/Dashboard Download, ensure that the box next to Allow users to download or email Klips and dashboards is checked, then click Save.
  4. Navigate to Settings > General.
  5. At Slack Integration, click Edit.
  6. Click Authorize with Slack.
    A Slack authorization dialog displays.
  7. Select the Slack workspace you want to authorize from the drop-down list and click Install.

When Slack is authorized, the Slack integration in Klipfolio is automatically enabled and you can start sharing.

Note: You can verify your Slack authorization by navigating to the Slack Integration page in Klipfolio and clicking Check authorization.

Changing authorization access

You can only authorize for one Slack workspace at a time (your Slack workspace is usually named after your company or department). If you decide you want to authorize with a different Slack workspace, you must revoke your current authorization in Slack and re-enable authorization in Klipfolio.

To revoke your current authorization and authorize a different Slack workspace:

  1. In Klipfolio, click on your Account name and select Account, then navigate to Settings > General.
  2. At Slack Integration, click Edit.
  3. Click Manage in Slack to open the Slack App Directory in a new tab.
  4. Find and select Klipfolio in your list of apps.
  5. Under Authorizations, scroll down to your name in the list of authorized users and click the trash can button to revoke your authorization.
    Note: Revoking authorization ensures Klipfolio will no longer associate your account with the previous Slack workspace, enabling you to authorize a new workspace using your Klipfolio account. This does not affect your workspace affiliation(s) within Slack.
  6. Go through steps 4-6 of the enabling process again, selecting a new Slack workspace when the Slack authorization dialog displays.

Sharing a Klip or a Klip dashboard with Slack

You can share Klips and Klip dashboards with Slack channels or users. Other users are not required to enable our Slack integration in order for you to start sharing with them.

Note: You cannot share Klips and dashboards in private Slack channels.

To share a Klip or a Klip dashboard with Slack:

  1. For Klips, on your dashboard, click the 3-dot menu for the Klip you want to share and select Share > Share Klip with Slack.
  2. For Klip dashboards, click on the dashboard’s 3-dot menu in the open dashboard list in the left navigation sidebar and select Share > Share dashboard with Slack.
  3. In the Share this Klip / Dashboard with Slack screen,  at Share with, select a channel or user name from the drop-down list. If you start typing in the text field, Klipfolio will auto-complete the name.
    Note: You can make multiple selections.
  4. Once you make your selection(s), you can optionally include a message in the Add Comment text field.
  5. Click Share.
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