Sharing Klip dashboards: Published link vs in-app options

In Klipfolio, you can share a Klip dashboard via a published link or in-app.

When should I share using published links?

  • You want the option to share with those inside as well as outside your account.
  • You want heightened dashboard access security, with options including password protection, IP Range restriction, and exemption from public searches.

When should I share in-app?

  • You want to quickly share dashboards with groups within your account.
  • You want to set different levels of access and visibility for different users.
  • You want users to be able to view multiple dashboards at a time.

See the tables below to compare the benefits of each option.

Security Viewing in Klipfolio Viewing via published link
Know who has access to your dashboard Yes Yes*
Password Yes (Klipfolio login required) Optional
IP Range Restriction (optional) Yes Yes
Share with non-account members No Yes
Searchability restricted Yes



Convenience and user access Viewing in Klipfolio Viewing via published link
Interactive (User Input Controls, drill down, tool tips) Yes Yes
Multiple dashboards Yes No
Filter based on user Yes (with User Properties) No
View Klip Comments Yes No
Use hyperlinks in Klips to add, reuse, or replace dashboards Yes No



* You can control who can see your dashboard by only giving access to individuals through a direct link (password optional) or by setting an IP range restriction.

** If you select the Visibility option of Public and available via search when creating a published link, your dashboard can be indexed and searched by search engines and will be available to anyone on the Internet. A link to the public URL may also appear on the site. See this article for more information

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