User roles and access permissions


Roles represent a collection of users that are assigned permissions by an administrator to perform similar actions or functions. A user can belong to one or more roles. If a user is a member of more than one role their access permissions are merged.

In addition to the built-in roles of Admin, Editor and View-Only that come with Klipfolio, you can create your own custom roles. It is recommended that you use the built-in roles when you set up permissions because it simplifies the process of deployment.

If you assign a user Administrator rights, remember they will have access to all information associated with your account as they are not governed by any group access rights.

Important: Both role and group access rights affect a user's permissions. For example, if a user is assigned the editor role and is a member of a group with use only rights to a specific Klip, the user will be unable to edit the Klip even though they have editor permissions.

 Permissions and permitted actions

The following table lists the permissions that are assigned to the built-in roles of Admin, Editor and View-Only that come with Klipfolio. 


Permitted action





Build Klips Create new Klips  
Share Klips Change Klip share rights  
Email Klips Email Klips and schedule email snapshots  
Embed Klips Create and manage embedded instances of a Klip  
Download Klips Transfer a Klip locally  
Import Klips Import a Klip to/from a client account  
Edit Klips Modify Klip content  
Delete Klips Permanently remove a Klip from the library  


Build dashboards Create a new dashboard  
Share dashboards Change dashboard rights  
Publish links to dashboards Generate published links to share with others    
Email dashboards Email dashboards and schedule email snapshots  
Download dashboards Transfer a dashboard locally  
Import dashboards Import a dashboard to/from a client account  
Edit dashboards Modify a dashboard  
Delete dashboards Permanently remove a dashboard from the library  
Manage dashboard visibility Managing all dashboards    

Data sources

Create data sources Create new data sources  
Share data sources Change data source rights  
Download data sources Transfer a data source file locally  
Import data sources Import a data source to/from a client account  
Edit data sources Modify a data source file  
Delete data sources Permanently remove a data source file from the library  


Access clients Allow access to the client section in partner accounts  
Add clients Create new client accounts  
Share clients Change rights to client accounts  
Edit clients Modify client accounts  
Delete clients Remove client accounts  
Signin as admin Login to the client account as an administrator  


Manage all Klips Administer Dashboard Klips    
Manage all dashboards Administer all Dashboards    
Manage all data sources Administer data source files    
Manage all clients Administer all client accounts regardless of share rights    
Manage all comments Administer Klip notations    


Add/remove/rearrange dashboards Manage Dashboards  
Add/remove/rearrange Klips Manage Dashboard Klips  
Switch theme Switch Dashboard theme  
Enter full-screen mode Enter full-screen mode  
See comments View Klip notations
Add/edit comments Manage notations  
See data source warnings View data source warnings  
Access library View a list of Klips, dashboards, and data sources to which you have access  
Getting started links View Getting Started links  


Edit profile Modify user profiles  
Manage company settings Administer company branding    
View account usage View event logs, refresh history and published dashboards    
Manage connected accounts (OAuth tokens) Administer own OAuth tokens  
Access API Authenticate and send requests to Klipfolio API
Contact your dashboard admin for full API permissions

User, Groups and Roles

Manage all users, groups, and roles Administer/edit Klipfolio user accounts, groups, and roles    

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