Datasource_ID numbers and pointers

The DATASOURCE function is used to indirectly refer to a data source field, specified by a pointer, in a specific data source, using the datasource_id (a unique 32-digit hexadecimal identifier). Learn how to find your datasource_id.

The pointer is entered as a literal string. For example, to refer to

  • column A in a tabular data source, A:A
  • column B in worksheet, Sheet1, in a Microsoft Excel workbook, Sheet1,B:B
  • /connections/person/last-name in XML/JSON data source: /connections/person/last-name


The DATASOURCE function is designed to work with the User Input Control component to allow you to cycle through different data sources on a dashboard. By assigning the data source id to the Drop-Down List sub-component, you can select different data sources to use in Klip that contain variables.

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