Using GROUPBY to create a spark line, spark bar, or win/loss mini chart

GROUPBY can be used to format your data in a comma separated list to use those values in a spark line, spark bar, or win/loss chart. This is useful for aggregating multiple unique elements in your data source and then plotting them using one of the mini chart formats.

GROUPBY( values1, values2,"method" )

  • values1: set to the Regions data in column A (A:A).
  • values2: set to the Units data in column B (B:B).
  • method: set to "join(values)".

To create a sparkline, spark bar, or win/loss chart:

  1. From your dashboard, click the Add a Klip button.
  2. Click the Build a Custom Klip button.
  3. Select the Table component.
  4. Click Add Data Source and select an existing data source from the list.
  5. In the Component Tree, select a Column.
  6. Select the Data panel and apply the GROUPBY function in the formula bar.
    For example, GROUPBY( values1, values2,"method").
  7. Select the Properties panel.
  8. At Column Header, type a name for your column.
  9. At Format as, select the appropriate mini chart. For example, Mini Chart: Horizontal.
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