Emailing a Klip

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You can email a Klip to share it with others as a one-time event or according to a schedule. When you share a snapshot of a Klip, the snapshot reflects the state of the Klip when it was created.

Content can be shared in either of the following two formats:

  • PDF: delivered as an email attachment
  • Image: displayed in the body of an email message

To email a snapshot of a Klip

Follow the steps below to email a snapshot of a Klip as a one-time event.

  1. Select a Klip that you want to email.
  2. Click the 3-dot Menu for the Klip.
  3. Click Share > Email Klip.
  4. After To:, type the recipients email addresses. Use a semicolon to separate multiple email addresses. Email recipients must be registered users of the Klipfolio account to which the Klip is associated.
  5. If you want to add information to the emailed snapshot, enter it in the Notes text field.
  6. After Format, select PDF or Image.
  7. Click Options and set up PDF Settings or Image Download Settings, depending on the format you selected, noting the following:
    • Fit to one page displays all content on one page by reducing the font size.
    • Multiple pages inserts page breaks appropriately to keep content together.
    • Multiple pages (no breaks) maintains the layout whenever possible. Content may flow to the next page.
    • The Date/Time stamp is disabled by default. When enabled, Date/Time is displayed in Eastern Time.
  8. Click Finished.
  9. Click Send Now. The output is formatted and includes the Klip name, date, and time.

To set up scheduled email Klip snapshots

Follow the steps below to set up a schedule for emailing a Klip snapshot.

  1. Select the Klip that you want to email.
  2. Click the 3-dot Menu for the Klip.
  3. Click Share > Email Klip.
  4. Click set up or manage an existing recurring scheduled email.
  5. Click Set up an email snapshot.
  6. Follow the steps as described in the previous procedure to set the options for To:, Format, and Parameters. If your Klip includes User Input Control components, set the Variables associated with those components. See Sending Scheduled Email Snapshots of Klips or Dashboards with variables for more information.
  7. At Schedule, select a Frequency of Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  8. If you select Monthly:
    • Set Day to First, Second, Third, Fourth, or Specific.
    • Select Specific to choose a specific day of each month to send the report. This must be entered as an integer, as a series of integers, or as the word "last" (typed without quotes). For example, 1 for the first day of every month, 2 for the second day of every month, 1, 15 for the first and fifteenth days of every month, and last for the last day of every month.
  9. Click Finished.
  10. Click Save.

To manage scheduled email snapshots

Follow the steps below to view, delete, or immediately send a scheduled email snapshot.

  1. Click Klips in the left navigation bar and select the required Klip from the list.
  2. Click Email Snapshots to display a list of scheduled email snapshots.
  3. Optionally, click Send Now or Delete.

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