Downloading a Klip to your computer

You can download a Klip to your computer as a PDF file or Image file or save the data to your computer as a .csv file type. This can be useful for retaining a "snapshot" of a Klip (because a Klip may change over time), or if you want to use a Klip in your company's website or documentation, or if you want to manipulate underlying data.


  • The account administrator can enable or disable the option for users to download and email Klips and Klip dashboards. This is an account-wide setting and is found in the Admin UI section under Settings > Security > Download.
  • Some HTML and Image components may not render on PDFs if they take too long to load. When a Klip contains a drop-down list or is configured for drill-down, the default or top-level value is displayed.

To download a Klip

Follow the steps below to download a Klip.

  1. Select a Klip that you want to download.
  2. Click its 3-dot menu, select Download as, and then select PDF, Image, or CSV / Excel (data only).
  3. If you selected PDF, configure the PDF Settings, noting the following:
    • Layout: Select either Portrait or Landscape.
    • Size > Fit to one page: displays all content on one page by reducing the font size.
    • Size > Multiple pages: inserts page breaks appropriately to keep content together.
    • Size > Multiple pages (no breaks): maintains the layout whenever possible. Content may flow to the next page.
    • Comments: Select the check box if you want to include comments in the downloaded Klip.
    • Quality: For a larger file size consider lowering the quality by selecting the Low (better for large images) check box.
    • Date/Time: is disabled by default. When enabled, Date/Time is displayed in Eastern Time.
  4. If you selected Image, configure the Image Download Settings, noting the following:
    • Width: Select either Use current width or Custom (specify the width in pixels).
    • Format: Select either PNG (default) or JPG (better for larger images).
    • Theme: Select either Light or Dark background.
    • Title: Select the check box if you want to Include the Klip title.
  5. If you selected CSV / Excel (data only), you are prompted to Open or Save the file.
    The resulting output for a Bar/Line chart component, for example, is a column of values for the x-axis and a column of values for each series of data that is displayed in the Klip.
    Note: If your CSV download fails, your Klip may contain too much data.
  6. If prompted, click Download Now.

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