Build-A-Klip tutorial (+videos)

Are you new to Klipfolio? Do you want to learn more about building visualizations (we call them Klips). This video tutorial series will take you through building a Klip (like the one shown here) using sample data included with your Klipfolio account.

NOTE: You may notice some minor differences between these videos and your experience using the sample data source included in your account. That's because we've recently made some changes to our sample data sources, by modelling them for you. This video series assumes you are using a raw (unmodelled) data source, so includes details such as how to filter out blank rows (that are unnecessary if you are using a data source that has been modelled). 

The first video in our playlist includes:

  • Introduction to the Klip Editor
  • Adding a Klip
  • Adding a label component
  • Aggregating data
  • Formatting using the Properties Panel

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The second video in our playlist includes:

  • Adding a layout grid
  • Adding a separator
  • Adding a bar chart
  • Adding a second series to the Klip

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The third video in our playlist includes:

  • Adding an indicator
  • Adding a table component
  • Customizing the table component to enable a drill-down view

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