How do I display a dashboard as a slideshow?

You can display your dashboards in full-screen mode and cycle through them using a slideshow-type format. By default, all dashboards are displayed and switched every ten (10) seconds. However, each user has the option to select which dashboards display and the number of seconds that elapses before switching to the next dashboard.

To display selected dashboards in full-screen mode

  1. With the dashboard open, click the Fullscreen icon, as shown below.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow to see a list of your dashboards and click the eye icon for each dashboard that you want to hide when in full-screen mode. By default, all dashboards are set to display.
  3. Click the Play icon, as shown below. Only the dashboards set to visible will display in the cycle.
  4. Enable your web browser for full-screen display.
    For a Microsoft Windows operating system, use the F11 key.
    For a Macintosh operating system, use the shortcut key combination CTRL-⌘-F.

How do I adjust the cycling time for my dashboards?

You can adjust the time that it takes for a dashboard display to switch to the next dashboard. For example, one person may have the wallboard cycle through in 30 second intervals, while another person may have set an interval time of only 15 seconds.

Note: Partners set a time interval for dashboard switching on a per user basis in each client account. We recommend setting up a specific TV user for the display.

Note: To set the time interval for dashboard switching for your account, your role must include the Edit Profile permission (included with Admin and Editor roles by default). Learn more about roles and permissions here.

To adjust the cycling time for dashboards:

  1. In Klipfolio's home page, at the bottom of the left navigation sidebar, click your Account Name and select Account > Account. If you don't see this option, click your Account Name and select My profile.
  2. On the My Profile page, after Dashboard Options, click Edit.
  3. At Dashboard Switching, change the default number of 10 seconds to a different number.

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