How do I know if Klipfolio supports the API I am using?

Each Application Programming Interface (API) connects differently. To begin with, check the current list of data source connectors to ensure that a connector does not already exist. You can see the list of available services on the Service Connectors page.

If the API is not currently listed, you can then perform a web search for the API's REST connector to determine the authentication method. Best results are achieved by using the search terms service name API or service-name developers. Depending on the API, perform one of the following actions.

  • For an API that uses basic authentication - username or password - use the web accessible connector. For more information see REST/URL Connector.
  • For an API that uses an OAuth Token, contact
  • For an API that uses an API key for authentication, add the API key to the end of the API connection URL. An API key is often used as a value in a query parameter or header. For more information on using the API key, refer to the API documentation.
  • For an API that that requires a separate login URL/call and a data URL/call, use Two Step Authentication. For more information see Two-step authentication.

For any other API authentication methods, contact us at

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