How to edit or reconfigure a data source

Once you've created a data source, it is stored in the Library. You may want to go back to that data source to see how you set it up, or to make a change.

To edit your data source, simply find the one you want to edit in the Library and reconfigure it.

Here's how:

Location Action
  1. On your dashboard, at the top right of your screen, select Library .
  2. Within the Library, select Data Sources.
  3. From the list of Data Sources, choose the one you want to edit.
  1. On the About this Data Source page, select Reconfigure Data Source.
  1. Authenticate or choose a token for the account your want to work with.
  1. You are now on the Edit Data Source page, where you can make any changes.

Example: How to edit a Google Analytics Klip to show a different website

How do I edit a Google Analytics Klip that I added to my dashboard? I want to show data from a different website from the same Google Analytics account. This video tries to answer that question:

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