Where are my Klip dashboard details?


To find your Klip dashboard’s details page, click Dashboards in the left side navigation, then click the name of the dashboard you’d like to examine.

From a dashboard’s details page, you can:

  • Find and edit details, like the name, description, and usage.
  • Open a dashboard.
  • Delete a dashboard.
  • Share a dashboard.
  • Email a snapshot of a dashboard and manage published links.

Finding general information

Clicking General opens the About this Dashboard page where you can find the following information and perform the following actions:

  • View information relating to your dashboard, including the dashboard NameDescription, Owner, ID, when it was Last Updated, and the Dashboard Usage.
  • Edit your dashboard’s Name and Description by clicking Edit Properties.
  • Make your most commonly used dashboards quickly accessible. Clicking the Open dashboard button adds the dashboard to your list of open dashboards in the left navigation menu.

Deleting a dashboard

Delete a dashboard by clicking General and selecting Delete Dashboard.
Note: Deleting your dashboard permanently removes it for all users.

Sharing a dashboard

Click Sharing to see who has access to the dashboard. To update sharing access, click the Edit button next to Access. To learn more about sharing dashboards, click here.

Managing published links

Click Published Links to see to see and manage all published links to your dashboard. To learn more about sharing your dashboard using published links, click here.

Scheduling email snapshots

Click Email Snapshots to share your dashboard via scheduled emails. To learn more about scheduling email snapshots, click here.

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