Viewing clients' data source failures and refresh history

This article includes the following:

  • How to view a list of your clients' failed data sources.
  • How to view data source refresh information.

Viewing client's failed data sources

If you see a red icon in the left navigation bar (beside Clients) that means one or more of your clients have one or more data sources that are failing to refresh. Follow the procedures below to navigate to and investigate these data source failures.

To see a client's failed data sources:

  1. In the left navigation sidebar, click Clients to open your list of clients.

Note: Clients with failed data sources will have a red exclamation mark beside their name.

  1. Across from the client's name, under Sign In as..., click Admin to sign into the client's account.
  2. In the left navigation sidebar, click the red icon beside Data Sources to see a list of the client's failed data sources. All the data sources that have failed to refresh are listed with their Last Refresh date.

You can also access a list of all of your clients and see which ones have failed data sources.

To see a list of all clients with failed data sources:

  1. On an open client's page, while signed in as an Admin, in the upper-right toolbar, click the drop-down arrow beside Client.

  1. A red exclamation mark will display beside a client's name if any of their data sources are failing.

Viewing data source refresh information

For an overall sense of how data sources are refreshing within an client account, administrators can click on the Refresh History link within the Usage tab. (You must be signed into the client account as an Admin to see this information.) This snapshot of data source activity helps administrators better understand the overall usage of data sources for a client account. For example, you might want to check that data sources are not exceeding the Google Analytics limits and quotas. For more information, see Configuration and Reporting API Limits and Quotas.

The Refresh History link enables administrators to view the:

  1. Total number of refreshes in an account for the current day.
  2. Total number of refreshes in an account for the past 30 day period, sorted by date.
  3. The top ten data sources to refresh in an account for a given day, including the current day.

To access the Refresh History page:

  • At the bottom of the left navigation bar, click the account icon, then click Account > Usage > Refresh History.

Click the link under Total Refreshes to see a list of data sources that refreshed during the related time period. From here you can click the link for a specific data source (listed under Data Source) to access its details page, where you can optionally modify its refresh interval.

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