Instant metrics: Managing your account connections

This article refers to the account connections you create when you add instant metrics. To learn how to add an instant metric, go here.

The first time you add an instant metric for a service, you are prompted to enter your service account credentials, usually your username and password. Then, to further define the data you're looking for, you choose applicable account settings. See the example below for Google Analytics, where, after entering your username and password, you select your Analytics Account, Web Property, and Analytics Profile settings.

When you're done entering this identifying information, you end up with a connection to your data service account that Klipfolio can use to retrieve your data. This connection is sometimes called an "authentication token" or an "OAuth token". You can reuse this connection as you add more instant metrics - you only need to enter your credentials once. The next time you create an instant metric, your account connection will display in, and can be selected from, a list, along with any other account connections for the data service that have been shared with you.

What's the difference between account and account settings?

The primary information you enter is the details for your account (usually your username and password). The secondary information you enter further defines your data request by choosing specific account settings. This can be especially helpful when you're working with an account that gives access to more than one data service. For example, you may use the same Google account to connect to your Google Ads and your Google Analytics data. Your account information will be the same but your account settings will differ.

Note: Some data services don't require any secondary information (account settings).

Where can I find my account connection details?

To view all of your account connections, click your Account name (in the left navigation sidebar) and then select Settings > Connected Accounts.

To see more details for a specific item, select it from the list.

How do I manage my account connections?

There are a couple of places in Klipfolio where you can manage your account connections:

  • In PowerMetrics: You can manage your account connections while you're adding instant metrics. You will probably find this to be the easier, more convenient option, so this section focuses on it.
  • In your Connected Accounts page: You can view and manage your account connections by clicking your Account name (in the left navigation sidebar) and then selecting Settings > Connected Accounts. Here you can view information for each account connection, including its name, associated service, when it was created, when it was last authorized, and whether it's shared. If you select a connected account from the list, you can re-authorize or delete it, or click Edit (beside General Information) to change its name, description, and sharing status.

When adding an instant metric, clicking the 3-dot menu for an account will enable you to re-authenticate, edit, and revoke an account connection. You can also click About to see details for the account connection. (See below.)

Re-authenticating account connections

To re-authenticate, click the 3-dot menu beside your account name (as shown above) and click Re-authenticate.

Here are some common reasons you may need to re-authenticate:

  • Some services give you access to multiple applications, for example, you might connect to your Google account to add metrics for Google Analytics and Google Ads. If you want to create Google Ads metrics, and you select an account you used previously to create Google Analytics metrics, you’ll need to update your account connection permissions to point to your Google Ads account instead. If you need to update your account permissions, the re-authentication icon displays beside your connection name and you’ll be prompted to update your account settings. (See below.)

  • For some services, the OAuth token (account connection) expires automatically after a set period of time. If your account connection is expired or invalid, a red icon displays beside your connection name and you’ll need to re-authenticate to connect to a valid account. (See below.) Learn more about expired tokens.

Editing and sharing account connections

In the editing window, you can view details for the account connection and rename it. You can also select to share the account connection with others in your Klipfolio account or re-authenticate (by clicking the 3-dot menu beside your account name). See below.

Revoking account connections

If you no longer want to use a specific account connection, you can revoke it. This may happen if someone leaves your company and you want to disable their account connection. You can always re-authenticate it later if you change your mind.

Note: When you revoke an account that was connected to an instant metric, the metric will no longer update. You can restart data refreshes for the associated metric(s) by re-authenticating the account connection.

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