Klipfolio Changelog 2022

Up to May 4th


  • Goals and notifications: Get ready to track your business’ progress by setting threshold and recurring target goals for your metrics! Visualize your metric goals in bar and line charts and keep updated on their status with in-app and email notifications. Learn more here.



  • Calculated metric details page: An error displayed in the formula description when clicking About for calculated metrics on a Klip dashboard. This issue has been resolved.


Up to April 20th


  • Integrations page: We’ve added an Integrations page to our admin section. If you see the button in your left navigation sidebar, you’re using our redesigned UI. Click and select Integrations to manage your Klips integration with Slack. If you’re using the legacy design, you’ll continue to access Slack integration settings as before. Learn more here.


Up to March 31st


  • Data reconciliation: We've redesigned our reconciliation strategy. When you make fundamental changes to a data source, for example, updating a value for a past date or removing columns in a spreadsheet, our new strategy ensures your instant and custom metrics automatically update to align with the data source changes. Learn more here.


Upcoming deprecation:

  • The Google AdWords API is being deprecated and will be replaced by the Google Ads API. As a result, it will no longer be supported as of April 27, 2022. If you’re using Klips and have Google AdWords Klips and data sources, go here to learn how to migrate to the Google Ads API. If you’re using PowerMetrics and have Google AdWords metrics and data sources, go here.

Up to March 22nd


  • Google Ads instant metrics: We’ve been busy creating 23 new instant metrics for Google Ads! All of these new metrics use the Google Ads API and support automatic backfill (up to 6 months of data history). Note that we’ve renamed our old connector to Google AdWords. Instant metrics for that service use the old Google AdWords API, which will be deprecated on April 27, 2022.


Improvements and Fixes:

  • Snowflake data sources: In addition to building a Snowflake data source using our in-app connector, you now also have the option to build a Snowflake data source using the Klipfolio API.


  • Data source reconfiguration: Customers were getting an error when attempting to reconfigure their data sources. This issue has been fixed.

Up to Feb 28th


  • Bing Ads connector: The issue where customers were unable to select accounts and reports using the Bing Ads connector has been fixed.


  • Role membership: Selecting a role (for example, “PowerMetrics Editor”) and then clicking “Users” (to see which users are assigned to that role) resulted in a white screen. This issue has been fixed.

Up to Feb 10th


  • Editing instant metrics: You can now connect to and get data from a different account when you’re editing instant metrics. Learn more here.


  • Creating custom metrics: We’ve made the process for creating unsegmented custom metrics easier and more intuitive. Learn more here.



  • Metric library: To more accurately describe the functionality of the “Last updated” column, we’ve changed its name to “Last refreshed”. Learn more here.

Up to Jan 27th


  • Stored data history: We’ve made it easier for you to see the number of days of stored data for each of your metrics. Check the upper-right corner of the top navigation bar to see metric data history storage and refresh details.


  • Automatically get more data history for Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4 instant metrics: We now support data history backfilling for all of our Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4 instant metrics. When you add these metrics, they’ll instantly include your most recent 2 weeks of data. After auto-backfilling is complete, they’ll include up to 6 months of historical data.
  • General performance and quality enhancements.


Up to Jan 18th


  • Column names in the modeller: You can now choose to either automatically set column names, based on the column in the original data source, or enter your own custom column names. In addition, the new "Use text in row" option enables you to name a column heading based on text from a specific row in the model. Learn more here.


  • Excluding rows in the modeller: We’ve added the option to "Exclude data before row x" to the custom data source modeller for PowerMetrics. Learn more here.
  • General performance and quality enhancements.


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