Klipfolio Changelog 2024

Up to May 13th


  • Custom colours for Klips tables: Add clarity (and pizzazz) to your Klips tables with customized colours for backgrounds, header text, and table borders. Learn more.

Up to Apr 30th


  • Account-wide search: Our new Search feature is a fast way to find, view details for, and go to metrics and dashboards in your account. Learn more.

Up to Mar 28th


  • Change metric dimension names: The option to change dimension names makes it easier than ever to compare and analyze visualizations on dashboards with shared filter controls. Learn more.


  • Select a theme for published views: When sharing a dashboard as a published view, you can now select the theme you want it to be viewed in (Dashboard theme, Dark theme, or Light theme). Learn more.

Up to Mar 18th


  • New role for dashboard builders: We’ve added a new built-in role to PowerMetrics. The Contributor is designed for those of you who work almost exclusively with dashboards. With this role, you’ll be able to view and share metrics and view, create, edit, share, and delete metric dashboards. Learn more.

Up to Mar 6th


  • Setting the first day of week: You can now select which day to use as the first day of the week for your account. Your selection applies to metric visualizations with a weekly periodicity. Learn more.


  • Custom metrics for Zuora: We’ve added support for Zuora in PowerMetrics. Start tracking your Zuora subscription payment data with custom metrics, built by you using our visual (and powerful) query builder! Learn more.

Up to Feb 27th


  • Table configuration options: We’ve added the option to wrap text in tabular charts and to define the number of wrapped rows in pivot tables.


  • Custom metrics for Smartsheet: We’ve added support for Smartsheet in PowerMetrics. Start tracking your Smartsheet project management data with custom metrics, built by you using our visual (and powerful) query builder! Learn more.

Up to Jan 30th


  • Customized metric icons: Add context, align similar data sources, change the look and feel of your metrics – all with customized metric icons! Learn more.

Up to Jan 22nd


  • Sharing:
    • You can now select multiple metrics from your Metric List page and share them all at onceLearn more.
    • Account Admins can now invite new users to the account while sharing. For management purposes, we've also made it easier to find metrics that aren't shared with you. Learn more.


  • User and group management:
    • When inviting users to your account:
      • You can also add them to a group. Either add them to an existing group or to the new default group we just released for all new Klipfolio accounts. Learn more.
      • For accounts with access to both PowerMetrics and Klips, you can now allow and restrict product access by user. Learn more.


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