Introduction to building Klip dashboards

Here are a few things to note about the Klip dashboard user interface:

  • Your list of active dashboards always displays under Dashboards, giving you fast access to the dashboards you use the most.
  • Clicking Dashboards brings you to your list of all dashboards - think of this as your dashboard master list, where you can see details for each dashboard, rename or permanently remove dashboards, and open (add) to your list of active dashboards.
  • You can remove dashboards from the active list by selecting the dashboard, clicking its 3-dot menu, and selecting Hide from list (the dashboard will still be accessible from your master list of dashboards).
  • Multiple instances of the same dashboard can exist in your left navigation bar to allow a user to filter the same dashboard according to different criteria. You can have multiple instances of the same dashboard open if you open the same dashboard multiple times from the dashboard list page.

Working with Klip dashboards

Klip dashboards are used to organize and display Klips. You can access all of your Klip dashboards (from your master list of dashboards) or only the ones that are currently active (from the list of open dashboards in the left navigation bar).

This article focuses on general settings and editing options for dashboards, including the following:

How do I see the details for a dashboard?

The About this dashboard page includes details for each dashboard, such as its name, description, owner, time last updated, dashboard usage, and ID. Learn more here.

To access the About this dashboard page:

  • In an open dashboard, click the 3-dot menu and click About this dashboard.

How do I add a new dashboard?

Start from scratch by adding a blank dashboard and then populating it with Klips.

Each dashboard can contain up to 30 Klips.

To add a blank dashboard, click the + button beside Dashboards or click Dashboards > Add a Blank Dashboard. Your new dashboard will instantly be added to the end of your active list of open dashboards in the left navigation bar as well as your master list of dashboards.

To add Klips to a blank dashboard:

  1. With the dashboard open, click the button.
  2. Either click My Klips, to select an existing Klip from your list of Klips, or select a pre-built Klip from the Klip® Gallery, or click Build a Custom Klip, to build your own Klip from scratch.
  3. Continue adding Klips as desired.

Learn more about building Klips.

How do I add an existing dashboard to my list of open dashboards?

You can get fast access to your most relevant and frequently used dashboards by adding them to your list of open dashboards.

To open an existing dashboard:

  1. Click Dashboards.
  2. From your master list of dashboards, locate the dashboard you want to open and click the Open dashboard button.

How do I edit a dashboard?

Dashboard editing options include:

To set a Light or Dark Theme

  1. From the left navigation bar, click the name of any open, active dashboard.
  2. Click the Themes button (located at the bottom of the left navigation bar).

Note: When you select a Light or Dark theme for your dashboard, your selection is applied to all of your dashboards. The Slate theme impacts the left navigation bar only.

To change the name and description of a dashboard

If you only want to change the dashboard’s name and not its description, select the dashboard in the left navigation bar, click its 3-dot menu, click Rename... (enter the new name), then click Apply.

To modify the dashboard’s name and description, In the left navigation bar, click Dashboards, select the dashboard you want to edit, then click Edit Properties.

To adjust the dashboard layout

  • With the dashboard you want to edit open, click Layout and select either the Custom or Template option.

Templates offer predefined layout options. The Custom layout offers more flexibility, enabling you to select the number of grid columns within which to display your Klips and to adjust individual Klip height and width.

To reposition Klips on a dashboard

  • With the dashboard open, reposition its Klips by clicking and dragging them.

To remove a dashboard from the list of active dashboards

Note: When you hide a dashboard, you are only removing it from view. The dashboard continues to be accessible from your master list of dashboards.

  1. In the left navigation bar, click the 3-dot menu for the dashboard you want to remove.
  2. Click Hide from list.

To delete a dashboard permanently

Note: When you delete a dashboard using this method, it is removed from your account and is no longer accessible.

  1. Click Dashboards and select the dashboard from your master list.
    Note: You can also multi-select several dashboards to delete at once by clicking the check boxes.
  2. Click Delete Dashboard.
  3. Select either Delete this dashboard only or Delete this dashboard and its Klips and data sources and click Next.
  4. If you selected Delete this dashboard only, click Delete to confirm or Cancel.
    If you selected Delete this dashboard and its Klips and data sources, review the listed assets and click Delete Now or Cancel.

To learn more about options for deleting a dashboard, see Deleting a Klip, dashboard, or data source.

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