How to add a YouTube video to an Inline Frame component

Display a YouTube Video on your dashboard by adding the video's URL to an Inline Frame component. The Inline Frame component is useful for displaying web content. For more information, see How to build Inline Frame components.

To add your YouTube video

Ensure that you have two windows open:

  1. The Klip Editor
  2. The YouTube video page

Setting up your Klip

  • In the Klip Editor, drag an Inline Frame component into the Klip workspace.
  • Navigate to YouTube

Retrieving the YouTube video URL

  1. Open the YouTube video
  2. Select Share
  3. Select Embed
  4. Copy the https portion of the URL in the embed link

Inserting the URL

  1. Drag the Inline Frame component into the Klip workspace. The Data panel automatically appears.
  2. Insert String, and type the URL

Size and Overflow

On the Properties panel, adjust size and overflow options. Options include:

Height Choose from Small to X-Large. Or, select Custom, and adjust the height in pixels. For example, 400 px.
Overflow Choose Auto scrollbars if you want your Klip to show a scrollbar.
Refresh Choose an appropriate refresh rate.

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