How to use Bullet Chart formats


Overview Create a Bullet Chart to measure a performance value against a target and a range value/s.
Components that support this feature: Table component
Value Pair component
Label component
Data Format The data must be formatted as a single comma-separated list containing three values in the following order:
Target, Performance, Range
Key features

Use indicators to change the color of the performance value.
Use different colors to create a comparative range.


In the Bullet Chart image below:

  • The black line represents the Target value.
  • The green bar represents the Performance value.
  • The grey area represents the Range value.

The data for a Bullet Chart must be formatted as a single comma-separated element and the values must be in the following order:

Target, Performance, Range

If it is not in this format (for example, if it is an array of values), use the JOIN function to convert it to a comma-separated value.

Download the data source to build the example Bullet Chart in this article.

    1. Select a Table component, then select the Data panel.
    2. Select the JOIN function.
    3. Select the ARRAY function (the ARRAY function returns a list of values).
    4. Select the Target value (cell D2 using our example spreadsheet).
    5. Select the Performance value (cell B2 using our example spreadsheet).
    6. Select the Range value (cell C2 using our example spreadsheet).
    7. Select the Properties tab and from the Format as drop-down list select Mini Chart: Bullet.

Applying indicators

You can apply indicators to the Performance value on the Bullet Chart, for example to change the color of the bar depending on its value.

Applying comparative ranges

You can apply a different color to compare a range of values. For example, in the following Bullet Chart: 450 displays as grey, 200 displays as orange, and 100 displays as blue.

The following data source demonstrates how you can do this. The first value for the range of values must be the largest in the series.

  A B C
1 Target Performance Range
2 500 400 450
3     200
4     100

Build the following formula for this Klip. The comparative range that displays in a different colour are the cell values: C2, C3 and C4.

JOIN( ARRAY( A2, B2, C2, C3, C4 ) , glue )

For this to display, change the format to Mini Chart: Bullet and select  the following colors in the Properties panel.

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