Klip Gallery: Stripe

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Add pre-built Klips and connect to your Stripe data

Add pre-built Stripe Klips to your dashboard and start tracking your payment data!

To connect our Stripe pre-built Klips to your own data, you'll need:

  • Permission to access data in your Stripe account. If you don't have access, contact your account administrator.
  • Your Stripe login credentials.

To add a Stripe pre-built Klip to your dashboard:

Steps Screenshots
On an open dashboard, click + Add a Klip. In the Klip Gallery, select Stripe.

Beside the Klip you want to add, click + Add to Dashboard. Click Done.

In the new Klip on your dashboard, click the Sample Data banner.
If this is your first time connecting to your Stripe data, choose Connect an account.

Enter your Stripe login credentials.

Click Update Klip. Click Finished.
If you've connected to Stripe before, select your existing connection from the drop-down menu.

Click Update Klip. Click Finished.

Managing your Stripe connection

By default, your connection name looks like this: yourname@Stripe <date and time created>. You can modify the default connection name when you create a new connection or from your list of connections, accessed by clicking your Account Name (located at the bottom of the left navigation sidebar) and selecting Account > Connected Accounts or by clicking the button in the left navigation sidebar and selecting Connections.

You can use and reuse the same account connection every time you connect to Stripe. If you have trouble accessing an existing connection, your OAuth token may have expired. If that happens to you, check out these troubleshooting tips.

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