Klip Gallery: Mailchimp

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Add pre-built Klips and connect to your Mailchimp data

Add pre-built Mailchimp Klips to your dashboard and start tracking your email marketing data!

To connect our Mailchimp pre-built Klips to your own data, you'll need:

  • Your Mailchimp API Key
  • Your Mailchimp data center

To add a Mailchimp pre-built Klip to your dashboard:

Steps Screenshots
In an open dashboard, click + Add a Klip. In the Klip Gallery, select Mailchimp.

Beside the Klip you want to add, click + Add to Dashboard. Click Done.

In the new Klip on your dashboard, click the Sample Data banner.

The first time you connect to Mailchimp you need to enter your Mailchimp API Key and Datacenter

To find your Mailchimp API Key and data center:

  1. Click the following link: Your Mailchimp API Key.
  2. Enter your Mailchimp login credentials.
  3. Copy the number that displays in the API Key field. This is your Mailchimp API Key.

Note: The characters following the dash at the end of your API Key are your data center. For example, us12.

Click Update Klip. Click Finished.

Note: The next time you connect to Mailchimp your API Key and Datacenter will be preselected for you.

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