Viewing data source failures and refresh history for an account

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  • Learn how to quickly retrieve a list of data sources that have failed to refresh.
  • Learn how to view data source refresh information for an account.

Viewing a list of failed data sources

You can quickly generate a list of data sources that have failed to refresh in your account, and then queue them to be refreshed.

  1. Click Data Sources in the left navigation bar.
  2. At the Show field located at the top right of the Data Sources page, select Failed Data Sources from the Drop_Down menu.

All the data sources that have failed to refresh in your account are listed with the Last Refresh date

  1. Optional: Use the Queue for Refresh button to refresh one or more data sources.

Viewing data source refresh information

For an overall sense of how data sources are refreshing within an account, administrators can click on the Data sources refresh link within the Usage tab. This snapshot of data source activity helps administrators better understand the overall usage of data sources for an account. For example, you might want to check that data sources are not exceeding the Google Analytics limits and quotas. For more information, see Configuration and Reporting API Limits and Quotas.

The Data sources refresh link lets administrators view the:

  1. Total number of refreshes in an account for the current day.
  2. Total number of refreshes in an account for the past 30 day period, sorted by date.
  3. The top ten data sources to refresh in an account for a given day, including the current day.

Tip:  Use the link provided to quickly change refresh intervals for data sources refreshing on a frequent basis.

Locating the Data sources refresh page

You can use the following steps to locate the Data sources refresh link.

  1. Navigate to Account and select the Company tab. Note: This option only displays for Administrators.
  2. Click the Data Refreshes link on the left pane of the Company information page.

Tip: Use the red exclamation mark located in the top-right corner of a Klip on the dashboard to navigate to the Properties page of a data source that might be failing to refresh.

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