Checklist for adding new users


Use this checklist to make sure everything is set up properly on your dashboard before you add new users to your account.

  • Build Klips and arrange them on dashboards.
  • Set up groups for your account
  • Share dashboards and Klips with groups
  • Set default dashboards for each group
  • Add users and assign them to groups
  • Set up roles for your account
  • Assign users to roles

Step 1. Build Klips and arrange them on dashboards

Create Klips and dashboards so that when users log in to your account, they have something to view. Refer to the following articles for help with this step:

Step 2. Set up groups for your account

Groups determine what a user can access when they log in to Klipfolio. For example, if they belong to the "Marketing" group they will see all Klips, dashboards, and data sources shared with that group. Groups are also important because they allow you set up default dashboards (see below).

Learn more: Creating groups

Step 3. Share dashboards and Klips with groups

Klips and dashboards can be shared in one of two ways: 1) from the dashboard itself, or 2) from the Library.

Sharing from the dashboard

To share a Klip or dashboard, click on the associated 3-dot menu and select the Share option. This will bring you to the item's resource page where you can select which groups you want to share the item with.

Sharing from the library

To share a Klip or dashboard from the Library, click on the item to open its properties page.

Share assets in group management section

You can share any asset with a group in the User Section.

Step 4. Set default dashboards for each group

Each group you create can have up to 5 default dashboards associated with them, so that a first-time user will have dashboards and Klips available to them when they sign in.


  • Make sure you also share all the Klips on the dashboard by clicking the red warning. You will then be able to select the Klips you want to share.
  • If you modify the Rights, Visibility, or Index values for a default dashboard, group members will not see the updates until you remove the existing member(s) from the group and re-add them.

Learn more: Group management

Step 5. Add users and assign them to groups

When you create a new user, you will be provided with the option to assign them to a group. See the above steps for more information.

Tips for managing groups and users

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when adding managing groups and users in your dashboard account.

  • Only provide administrator rights to appropriate users
  • When sharing a Klip, dashboard, or data source, select the appropriate sharing permission:
    • Use Only: User may only view the Klip, dashboard, or data source.
    • Use and Edit: User may edit the Klip, dashboard, or data source.
  • If you share a Klip using the Use and Edit permission, make sure to also share the data source backing that Klip.

Step 6. Set up roles for your account

Roles allow you to assign a collection of privileges to users. You can select from one of the built-in roles of Admin, Editor, and View-Only, or you can create your own custom role. For more information, see User roles and access permissions.

Step 7. Assign users to roles

An administrator can grant or deny access permissions on Klips, dashboards, data sources, clients, administration tasks, and user accounts. You can add users to roles by selecting a user name and moving the user to the With Role box. For more information, see Adding custom roles and users.

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