Sharing data sources

What's in this article? 

  • Learn how to share data sources with groups of users.
  • Assign sharing rights to shared data sources.
  • Step-by-step instructions.

How to share data sources

You can share data sources with different groups that have been set up in your organization. This allows data experts to set up data sources and quickly share them with the people that need to monitor that data. As you share data sources with other groups, you will need to assign different levels of permissions to those users.

  • Use only: Users can only use the resource in a limited way, such as building Klips. They may not make edit or share the resource with other users.
  • Use and edit: Users have full privileges associated with the resource and may use, update, edit, share, or delete the resource.

To share a data source

  1. Click the Library link on the Dashboard page.
  2. Select the Data Sources tab.
  3. Click the appropriate data source.
  4. Click the Edit link.
  5. Click the Sharing link.
  6. Click the Share this data source link.
  7. Select (or deselect) the groups you want to share the data source with.
  8. Select (or modify) the rights associated with each group.
  9. Click the Save button.

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