What are Parent and Client accounts?

As a partner you are given a Parent account that enables you to sign in to and manage your Client accounts and monitor your own organization's KPIs.

The actions you can perform depend on whether you are working in the Parent account or are signed into a Client account.

Tasks performed in a Parent account

When working in a Parent account, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Build your organization's dashboards, using the Klip Gallery
  • Test and experiment with creating dashboards for your clients
  • Build a Parent dashboard template that can be imported into Client accounts
  • Add and remove clients
  • Assign assets (Dashboards, API calls, and users) to clients
  • If applicable, set White-Label and Custom options

Tasks performed in a Client account

When signed into a Client account as an Administrator, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Build Client dashboards, using the Klip Gallery, from scratch, or import dashboard templates from the Parent account
  • Create groups  to share specific dashboards with users
  • Add and remove users
  • Publish links
  • Change the dashboard logo

Note: To sign in as an Administrator in a Client account:

  1. In the Parent account, click Clients to navigate to the Clients page.
  2. Beside the Client's name, under Sign in as, click Admin.

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