Connect your data


Virtually any data source you’ve got, on premise or in the cloud. From web services, to files stored on your computer, servers, or in your data warehouse, Klipfolio’s simple, flexible data architecture enables you to connect to all the data you care about. There are many ways of connecting your data.

Upload a file or send an email attachment

Create or update a data source via a file sent as an email attachment. You can also connect to data via file sharing services or the old fashioned way - upload an XML, Excel, CSV, JSON file.

Tip! Instead of manually uploading your latest files, use the file sharing services like BoxDropbox, and Google Drive to automate data upload.

Connector Gallery

Behind every great dashboard is a great data source. Klipfolio provides a robust set of tools to visualize your data any way you want, as well to manipulate your data in surprisingly sophisticated ways. But this only one part of the dashboarding equation: you also need to retrieve a custom data source.

The Connector Gallery introduces you to the exciting world of APIs. APIs are a dashboarder’s best friend because they allow you to set up automated connections to services across the web. Not only that, but they also allow you to access data sources that aren’t always available via standard reporting interfaces.

Introduction to the Connector Gallery List of data integrations See the Connector Gallery in action!

REST/URL Connector

If you can’t find a service in the Connector Gallery, you can still connect to services using one of our Core Connectors. Keep in mind that we’ve verified connections to over 400 services, and the gallery only lists the most popular connections.

Take a look at the video and docs below to learn more about APIs and integrations:

Video introduction to APIs Guide to REST APIs About JSON and XML datasets Documented integrations


Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to manipulate and extract information from an SQL database. Klipfolio lets you connect to an SQL database and execute an SQL query to retrieve information to create a data source.

Working with SQL Database data sources


With Klipfolio, you can build a custom dashboard using FTP or SFTP servers as your data source. Keep track of the metrics that matter most to you as visualize them in a real-time dashboard.

Use FTP or SFTP as a data source

Klipfolio API

Klipfolio brings your business data to life helping you and your organization understand and track KPIs, metrics and other essential information. The Klipfolio API provides the same functionality as the web app UI for managing assets (clients, dashboards, Klips, data sources). Organized around REST, the Klipfolio API is accessed over HTTPS from the* domain. All responses are returned in JSON.

Klipfolio API docs