Connected to your data? Up next - Build Klips and dashboards!

You’ve set up a connection to your data - also known as a data source. Now you’re ready to turn that data into a Klip and display it on a dashboard.

If you haven't connected to your data yet, learn how in this section of our Knowledge Base.

Pre-built or custom-built Klips?

Klipfolio offers many possibilities for Klip creation. Take advantage of our expertise and check out our pre-built content or get creative and build a custom Klip from scratch. The choice is yours!

Note: Before building a custom Klip, we strongly recommend modelling the data source you will use as the basis for the Klip. This process simplifies and streamlines your data, making it easier to work with in the Klip Editor. Once you discover the benefits of using modelled data sources we're sure you'll want to learn how to model a data source.

Custom-built dashboards

  • Custom-built dashboards are highly customizable and quick to build. Add a blank dashboard and fill it with Klips. Then choose your layout and theme (light or dark). You can even insert your own dashboard logo. Learn how to build custom dashboards.
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