Getting started with Klips

Welcome to Klipfolio! We’re here to help you succeed with data.

This article introduces some Klipfolio Klips fundamentals to get you on the path to data discovery, including:

Your data journey - an overview

On your Klipfolio data journey, you begin by discovering your data. Where is the data you want to visualize? Is it accessible from a cloud application, a local file, a cloud file sharing service, an SQL database, or an email attachment?

No matter where your data is, Klipfolio will help you connect to it and visualize it. Once your data is visualized, display it on a dashboard. Collaborate, learn, and grow by analyzing, sharing, and monitoring your data.

Connecting to your data

With Klipfolio, you can access data from cloud applications, files on your computer, cloud file sharing services, SQL databases, and email attachments.

Klipfolio includes hundreds of built-in connectors for popular services - get inspired with a peek at our Connector Gallery. In addition, our flexible platform enables you to connect to data sources that don’t yet have built-in connectors.

Creating a data source

When you connect to your data, you bring that data into Klipfolio, resulting in a data source. Data sources are the foundation on which Klips are based.

We love to give you options, including when you’re creating data sources. You can either use one of our pre-built data sources or build your own custom data source:

  • Pre-built data sources: Klipfolio offers hundreds of pre-built data sources that include the most commonly sought-after data points. For example, you can use our Facebook “Daily Reach” pre-built data source to get a list of the total number of people, by day, who have seen content from your company's Facebook page (for the last 90 days).
  • Custom data sources: If you need a unique set of data that’s not included in our pre-built data sources, you can write your own queries from scratch and create a custom data source. Optionally, model your custom data sources to streamline and simplify them before using them to build Klips. This will make your data easier to understand and manipulate. Learn more about the benefits of modelled data sources here.

Watch this video to learn how to connect to your data and create a data source:

Watch this video to learn how to model a data source:

Visualizing your data in a Klip

In Klipfolio, you visualize your data in Klips, like the one shown below. Klips can contain one or many visualizations, providing you with an almost limitless range of options for displaying your data and communicating your message.

You can either use one of our pre-built Klips as a starting point or build a custom Klip from the ground up:

  • Pre-built Klips: Using our pre-built Klips helps you visualize your data quickly. We offer hundreds of pre-built Klips for a multitude of services, all designed in collaboration with industry experts and adhering to current best practices and trends. Get inspired with a look at our Klip Gallery.
  • Custom Klips: When our pre-built options don’t quite match your needs, it’s time to do some building of your own! Begin with formatting basics. Optionally, once you’re comfortable, get creative and use the power of our Klip Editor to build more advanced Klips.

No matter which option you choose, our flexible design features will help you build Klips quickly and communicate your business data effectively.

Tip: Practice building Klips using the sample data included in your Klipfolio account!

Watch this video to learn how to add a pre-built Google Analytics Klip using your own data:

Watch this video to learn how to build a custom Klip using sample data:

Building and customizing a Klip dashboard

Now that you’ve built some Klips, it’s time to display them on a dashboard, like the one shown below.

Begin with a blank dashboard and then make it yours by giving it a unique name and your own custom logo. Complete the data story for your dashboard by adding thematically related Klips. It’s easy to move and resize the Klips on a dashboard - simply drag and drop them to quickly redesign your dashboard layout. Optionally, set your dashboard to fullscreen to bring greater focus to your message and choose either a light or dark background theme.

Watch this video to learn how to build a Klip dashboard:

Watch this video to learn how to customize a Klip dashboard:

Sharing a Klip dashboard

You’ve got a story to tell! Sharing your dashboard helps keep everyone informed and progressing toward common goals. It also encourages collaboration and discussion, leading to meaningful action.

Klipfolio offers many ways to share:

  • Share internally with individuals or groups in your account and, optionally, grant them editing rights.
  • Share with everyone in your office by displaying your dashboards on large screens.
  • Share externally using public links.
  • Share snapshots of your dashboard data by impromptu or scheduled email.

Watch this video to learn how to share a Klip dashboard:

Finding help

Looking for help? We've got it covered! Browse articles in our Knowledge Base, watch videos on our YouTube Channel, and contribute to and ask questions in our Community Forum. If you're stuck, contact our Support Team at Need some help elevating your dashboard building skills? Sign up for Data Hero Services.

Tip: To open Klipfolio Help, click the  question mark in the left navigation sidebar. Useful resources for beginners are found under Get Started. The Dive In section includes great introductory information for all our fundamental features. If you’re looking for more detailed information, type in the search bar to access our Knowledge Base articles.

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