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Sharing your data with others encourages collaboration and discussion. It also keeps everyone aware of the current situation and focussed on common goals. Klipfolio offers many ways to share, providing the flexibility to share internally, externally, in real time, or periodically.

Before sharing, add users and groups

In order to share within your organization, you first need to add users and, optionally, organize them into groups. Organizing individuals into relevant groups can save you a lot of time when sharing. For example, if you have a dashboard you can’t wait to share with your Support Team, if you’ve already created the Support Team group and added all its members, you can share with everyone at the same time!

Note: To simplify cross-company sharing, all users in your account are automatically added to All Users. When users are added or removed from your account, the "All Users" list is automatically updated. Note that you can't manually add users to or remove them from this group.

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Ways to share

Share with users and groups in your account


User and group sharing: Enable viewing or editing access to Klips, Klip dashboards, and data sources with individuals and groups in your organization.

Sharing Klips

Sharing Klip dashboards

Sharing default Klip dashboards with groups

Sharing data sources

Sharing FAQs

Share with people inside or outside or your account

Published links: Share internally or externally via a link to your dashboard.

Choose to make your dashboard publicly available, searchable, and indexable by search engines, or restrict access to those with a link and, optionally, a password.

Learn more about published links

Share snapshots of Klips and dashboards by scheduled email

Automated snapshots: Set up scheduled emails to share snapshots of individual Klips or entire Klip dashboards. You decide who receives the snapshot, at what time, and how often.

Learn more about automated emails

Share PDF report snapshots

PDF reports: Klips and Klip dashboards can be downloaded as images or as PDFs (great for presentations and printed reports) and shared as email attachments.

Best practices for generating PDF snapshots

Share with wallboards

Display your Klip dashboards on office wallboards: Keep everyone up to date by displaying one dashboard or setting up multiple dashboards to display in rotation.

Using wallboards to highlight your company's data is a great way to keep your teams data-driven and focussed on performance.

Displaying dashboards on a large screen

Share with Slack

Share your Klips and Klip dashboards with Slack: Once our Slack integration is enabled in your account settings, sharing individual Klips or Klip dashboards with users or channels in Slack is fast and easy.

Sharing Klips and dashboards with Slack

Share Klips by embedding

Embed Klips and Klip dashboards on your website or private intranet: Seamlessly embed individual Klips or entire Klip dashboards into your website or host application.

Embedding Klips

Comment on a Klip

Add your comments to a Klip: Anyone with access to a Klip can write a comment. Adding comments encourages collaboration and is a great way to share your insights with others.

Commenting on Klips

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