Multicomponent: Controls palette

The Controls palette is a simple menu that contains controls for a specific component that you are editing.

It is an easy way to add or remove data series, columns, rows, mini-charts, or ranges depending on which component is selected.

For example,

  • a column in a Table component
  • a range in a Gauge component
  • a data series in a HTML component
  • a column to the right or a row below a selected cell in a Layout Grid component

You can also use the Component tree to work with sub-components. For more information about the Component tree, see the Klip Editor.

In the event that the Controls palette is not displayed, click + on the tab located at the top right of the Klip Editor workspace, under the Save and Exit button.

Learn more:

Now that you know more about the Controls palette, check out the following tutorial:

Important concepts

These articles provide an overview of important concepts for building Klips with multiple components:

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