Multicomponent: Layout Grid

The Layout Grid is a container that is divided into cells by horizontal and vertical grid-lines in which you can insert other components. For example, you can insert an Image in one cell and a Table in another.

If you plan to have a horizontal organization of your components, in addition to vertical, drag the Layout Grid component to the Klip workspace first to help position components. By positioning components inside the Layout Grid Component, you can customize your Klip and arrange components one above the other or side-by-side, and give them specific widths.

If you need to, you can also right-click on the Layout Grid to add or remove columns or rows.

Before, during, or after customization, add other components to the cells in a Layout Grid component by dragging them in from the Components Palette.

Tip: For top Klip performance, avoid using a Layout Grid component nested within a Layout Grid.

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Now that you know more about the Layout Grid, check out the following tutorial:

Important concepts

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