How to use images in a Klip



Use web accessible images, stock images, and more in your Klips.

Note: We recommend only adding images that are hosted on sites that employ https protocol.

These components support images: Image component
Pictograph component
Label component
Table component
Value Pair component
News component


You can include images in your Klip by:

  • Importing an XML or JSON file and selecting an image URL from the data source.
  • Copying an image URL and pasting it into the Klip Editor.
  • Uploading an image from your computer and using it in the Pictograph component.
  • Using one of our ten stock funnel image URLs in the Table component.

Using an image from a web accessible data source

Many XML or JSON data sources, such as Facebook, provide you with image URLs.

  1. Drag an Image component into the Klip workspace.
  2. Navigate to the Data panel.
  3. Select an image URL in the data source.
  4. Select the Properties panel to adjust image appearance.

For more information, see Working with XML/JSON data sources

Copying a public image URL

You can use publicly accessible image URLs in a Klip.

  1. On the web, find the image URL and press CTRL+C.
  2. In the Klip Editor, select the Properties panel.
  3. At Format as, select Image URL.
  4. Select the Data panel.
  5. Press CTRL+V to paste the URL in the Insert Text or Number box.
  6. Select the Properties panel to adjust image appearance.

To use multiple images in a Klip, use the ARRAY function.

For more information about the ARRAY function, see our master article about functions. For an example of the ARRAY function being used with images, see How to use funnels.

How to make your images public

To make your images public, upload your images to an image hosting service. Then access the images in your Klips by using the public link. Here are a couple of examples of image hosting services:

You upload an image from your computer to an image hosting service. After your image is uploaded, right click on the uploaded image, and select Copy Image URL. Follow the steps (above) to Copy a public image URL to add the image to your Klip.

Uploading an image for the Pictograph component

The Pictograph component allows you to upload a custom image from your computer.

  1. In the Component Tree, select the Pictograph sub-component Image Set.
  2. Select the Properties Panel.
  3. At Image, select Custom.
  4. Click the Select Image button.
  5. Click the Upload File button.
  6. Click the Choose File button.

Your image is added to the Klip.

Important: Klipfolio can process files up to 2 MB in size.

To add a funnel to your table

Klipfolio offers ten stock funnel images you can use in the Table component. For more information, see How to use funnels.


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