How do I connect Klipfolio and my spreadsheet?

You can set up a connection between Klipfolio and spreadsheets like Excel to show your data on a dashboard.

What is Klipfolio?

Klipfolio integrates with many cloud services and tools like Excel to create beautiful data visualizations.

How do I get started?

You have the following options for visualizing your data on a dashboard in Klipfolio:

Try the Klip Gallery Use the Connector Gallery
The Klip Gallery allows you to track your key metrics using pre-built Klips for some of the most popular services and data sources. The Connector Gallery helps you get your data fast with pre-built queries. Use this article as a guide to build your own X data source.

Common connectors used to upload a spreadsheet file

Important Notes

Sheet names

Once you have successfully connected your spreadsheet with Klipfolio, do not change the sheet name

If you change your sheet name and re-upload the spreadsheet, the Klip will continue to look for data in the old sheet name, and as a result, your formulas will break.


Financial and Scientific formats are not supported by Klipfolio. If these formats are used, remove the formatting from your Excel file prior to upload.

Pivot Tables

Klipfolio recommends using Excel without pivot tables. Excel pivot tables may not work and are not supported by Klipfolio.

Other important notes

Excel software features such as worksheet links and macros are not supported. Excel functions are not supported and may be removed on import. 

Data selection

Selecting data using the column or row header allows you to assign an unlimited range of values to your Klip (ex: A:A, or 1:1). This method tells the Klip to use all values in that column or row. If new values are added to that range, they will automatically be included in your Klip.

For example, you select column B, and the values in the spreadsheet are "Age, 4, 45, 84, 50, 23". Let's say the spreadsheet data is updated, and the values in A:A are now "Age, 4, 45, 84, 50, 23, 60", all values including the additional values will be used in your Klip.

To make a range selection, click on the column or row header with your mouse.

If you want to remove the column title from your data selection, use the Filter action (located on the Properties panel) to Exclude the title from your list of data. 

Sheet Selector

If your spreadsheet has multiple sheets associated with it, you can select those sheets in the Klip Editor or when modelling a data source using the sheet selection menu.

Using data selection in formulas and functions

As with all data sources, you can manipulate your data using math operators, formulas and functions. Check out Tips for using the formula bar to learn more.

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