Using Airtame to display your key metrics on a big screen


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Today, organizations use data more than ever to track behaviour, learn and take action. Sharing key metrics with your team is easy with the combined Klipfolio-Airtame approach. Display your Klipfolio dashboard on a large screen for all to see using Airtame’s plug-in, wireless HDMI device.

Here’s what you need to know to start sharing your dashboard with your organization.

Stuff you need:

  • Airtame device and software
  • Mac or PC computer
  • Klipfolio account
  • Wallboard or big screen TV
  • Wi-Fi connection

Setting up Airtame with Klipfolio

  1. Connect your Airtame device to your display and ensure it has power. 
  2. Once you have downloaded and installed the Airtame software, you can follow the setup guide on configuring Airtame.
  3. Next, you will configure Airtame’s dedicated Wi-Fi connection (allowing  guests to display their data without accessing your network) and  you will also connect Airtime to your Wi-Fi for internet access.
  4. After setting up the Wi-Fi, it’s time to select the dashboard you want to display. You can enable a published link for your Klipfolio dashboard. Find out more about published links. Once you have selected the dashboard, paste the URL into Airtame Manage Device settings.

Note: You may need to reset Airtame daily to refresh your dashboard content. To do this, power off your display and power it back on.

Display options

The combined Klipfolio-Airtame display can use used in two ways:

  1. Use your Klipfolio dashboard published link as the default link in Airtame (only one dashboard is supported at a time).
  2. Cast your Klipfolio dashboard in presentation mode. This does not require a published link. This is a good option for internal office displays. To cast more than one Klipfolio dashboard, use our dashboard rotation option. Click on full-screen mode and then click the play button to rotate through multiple dashboards. 

Note: A Klipfolio-Airtame banner is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Keep this in mind when designing your dashboard for display using Airtame. For more, see our Guide to displaying Klipfolio dashboards on large screens.


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