Options for launching Klipfolio

You can use parameterized URLs to start Klipfolio. If you are using the parameterized URL method, you must use parameter values with this base syntax: https://app.klipfolio.com/dashboard?.

The following parameters can be added to the base syntax.




Theme Specifies the starting theme for Klipfolio. Unavailable for custom themes.
Possible values: slate, light, and dark
View Launches Klipfolio in full screen mode.
Value: fs
Menu Launches Klipfolio in full screen mode without the menu bar. 
Only available in full screen mode.
Value: false
Play Launches Klipfolio in full screen mode with auto-play enabled.
Only available in full screen mode.
Value: true

Opens Klipfolio at a specific dashboard.
This parameter uses a dashboard's instance id. 
The dashboard's instance id is specific to the user's login name.
Possible values: Any dashboard on the account

Note: In order for the dashboard ID to be recognized, if you use the dashboard parameter in combination with any of the other parameters in the same URL, the dashboard parameter must be placed at the end of the URL.


The following is an example of launching Klipfolio using a parameterized URL: https://app.klipfolio.com/dashboard?view=fs&theme=dark&play=true&#tab-59cb21d27198eda8af373911ca064240


Locating the Dashboard instance ID

To open Klipfolio at a specific dashboard, you must use the dashboard instance ID. The following steps show you how to locate a dashboard's instance ID.

  1. Find the dashboard in your list of dashboards, or click the 3-dot menu next to the name of the dashboard, then click About this Dashboard.
  2. The dashboard ID is located at the end of the URL, for example https://app.klipfolio.com/tabs/view/12a2f123456fd12db123e12345ee1234 would have ID 12a2f123456fd12db123e12345ee1234.

 Note: You cannot share this dashboard instance ID with other users. Each dashboard instance ID is different.

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