Deleting a Klip, dashboard, or data source from the Library

The Klipfolio Library acts as a container for all your Klips, dashboards, and data sources. As an administrator, you are responsible for managing these assets. In order for a user to be able to delete an asset from the Library, one of the following conditions must be true:


  • The user must be assigned the administrator role.
  • The user must be the owner of the asset.
  • The user must have the appropriate delete permissions as part of their assigned role. For  example, delete a Klip, delete a tab, or delete a data source. As well, the user must have share right permissions to the asset that includes the ability to edit the asset.


Finding assets

One important aspect to asset management is the ability to quickly locate an asset. You can do this by either typing in a name or part of a name in the Find box. Alternatively, you can find an asset by selecting a specific column header.  By selecting a column header, assets can be arranged in alphabetical order either by name, asset type, or owner.

You can select one or more assets from the Library. A Klip or data source will not be deleted in the event that a klip already exists on another dashboard, or that a data source is already in use by another klip.

Deleting a Klip, dashboard, or data source

Perform the followings steps to delete one or more assets from the Klipfolio Library.

  1. From the main Dashboard, click Library.
  2. Select the appropriate asset tab. Options include: Klips, Dashboards, or Data sources.
  3. Select the name or names to delete.
    Important: Narrow down your search by using the Find box located at the top-right of the screen.
  4. Select the Delete button when you are ready to delete the selected items.
    You will be immediately asked whether you want to proceed with the deletion process.
  • Note: If you have chosen to delete a dashboard, you are given the option to delete this dashboard only or to delete this dashboard and its klips and data sources.

After you have confirmed you want to proceed, the selected assets are permanently removed from the Library.

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