Downloading a dashboard and all of its Klips to your computer

You can download a dashboard and all of its Klips to your computer as a PDF file or as an Image file. This can be useful for retaining a "snapshot" of a Klip or a dashboard, as a Klip may change over time.

Note: Some HTML and Image components may not render on PDFs if they take too long to load. When a Klip contains a drop-down list or is configured for drill-down, the default or top-level is displayed.

To download a dashboard and all of its Klips

Follow the steps below to download a dashboard and all of its Klips.

  1. Select a dashboard that you want to download.
  2. Click the Menu icon.
  3. Click Download as and select either PDF or Image.
  4. If you selected PDF, configure the PDF Settings, noting the following:
    • Layout: Select either Portrait or Landscape.
    • Size > Fit to one page: displays all content on one page by reducing the font size.
    • Size > Multiple pages: inserts page breaks appropriately to keep content together.
    • Size > Multiple pages (no breaks): maintains the layout whenever possible. Content may flow to the next page.
    • Comments: Select the check box if you want to include comments in the downloaded dashboard.
    • Quality: For a larger file size consider lowering the quality by selecting the Low (better for large images) check box.
    • Date/Time: is disabled by default. When enabled, Date/Time is displayed in Eastern Time.
  5. If you selected Image, configure the Image Download Settings, noting the following:
    • Width: Select either Use current width or Custom (specify the width in pixels).
    • Format: Select either PNG (default) or JPG (better for larger images).
    • Theme: Select either Light or Dark background.
  6. Click Download Now.

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