Creating data sources

What is a data source?

A data source is a file that has been uploaded to Klipfolio, such as an XML, JSON, CSV or Excel file. Internal databases, servers or web accessible resources form the basis of a data source. Data sources are an important part of Klip building, providing the raw material that lets you populate a Klip's components.

How do I create a data source?

Data sources are created in one of two ways: 1) during the Klip building process, or 2) in the Library. In either case, any data source you create will be automatically stored in the Library for future use.

Note: Data sources exceeding the 10 MB limit will be inaccessible. 

Check out the following 401 webinar on connecting your data:

 Worksheet accompanying the 401 webinar


What types of data sources can I use?

A comprehensive list of data sources you can connect to Klipfolio is available here.

Here is a short list of some of the data sources you can use:

Note: Klipfolio recommends using Google Sheets without pivot tables. Google Sheet pivot tables may not work and are not supported by Klipfolio. Note: Excel data will not upload into Klipfolio if the spreadsheet tab (or workbook) name has a space at the end. Remove any spaces from the end of tab names in your spreadsheet.

Additional resources:

Some resources to help you with your data sources:

Using your data

Now that you've created a data source, it's time to start using it in a Klip. Here's how:


Data Sources Playlist